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Einstein Flashcards Essay Examples

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Chapter 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

In the equation y = -2/x, if x is doubled, what happens to y? Reduced by half In the equation y = k/x, if x is doubled, what happens to y? Decreases by half (1/2) In the equation y = -4x, if x is doubled, what happens to y? Doubles The density of a 100…

Astronomy Ch. 18

. What did Einstein consider was the greatest blunder of his career? Not predicting that the universe is expanding Where in the universe does the “general” expansion occur? Only in the space that separates clusters of galaxies . What causes the cosmological redshift of light? The wavelength of photons from a distant galaxy becomes stretched…

Ch. 7 Quantum Theory and the Electronic Structure of Atoms

who’s explanation of what is another step toward the development of the quantum theory? To explain experimental observations, he suggested that _ -Einstein’s explanation of the photoelectric effect -Einstein suggested that light behaves like a bundle of particles called photons early ideas of quantum theory led to a new era in physics called_ quantum mechanics…



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Little Einstein’s Song

5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 We’re going on a trip We’re going on a trip In our favorite rocket ship In our favorite rocket ship Zooming through the sky Zooming through the sky Little einsteins Little einsteins

Test 3

Modernist composers created new and entirely novel approaches by writing works without a tonal center or clear sense of meter. Perhaps the single most remarkable aspect of music in the twentieth century is that for the first time listeners could hear music when and where they wanted to hear it. Debussy’s relationship to the artistic…

Einstein and Hubble

einstein A. Born in Ulm, Germany on March 14, 1879 into a middle-class, German-Jewish family. einstein As a child, he was curious and enjoyed puzzles and building blocks einstein 2. He preferred playing by himself as opposed to playing with others. einstein At the age of five, he became very fascinated with how a compass…

Part VI: The Twentieth Century

True Many talented composers and musicians were able to earn fortunes writing for a mass market audience in the twentieth century. True The growing ease of telecommunication and transportation made the world of 2000 a much more confusing place than it had been in 1900 False The predominant volume (dynamic level) of Debussy’s Voices is…

Chapter 1

audience the listener, viewer, or reader of a text concession an acknowledgement that an opposing argument may be true or reasonable -in a strong argument, accompanied by a refutation challenging the validity of the opposing argument Ex. The Republican conceded to the possible success of the Democrat’s proposal but pointed out how difficult it would…

Albert Einstein and the Atomic Bomb

Did Einstein like the atomic bomb? No, he said he made a great mistake signing the letter to the U.S. to give permission to drop the bomb. Did Einstein’s theories make the atomic bomb possible? YES Did he try to limit the atomic weapons? YES What was Einstein’s famous equation? e=mc2 Did Einstein help in…

Albert Einstein ?’s

What kind of family did Albert Einstein come from? (pg.8) Albert Einstein came from a family of merchants, skilled workers, and shopkeepers. When is Albert Einsteins Birthday? (pg.9) March 14, 1879 What school did Albert go to when it was his time to go to formal school? (pg.16.) He was sent to a local Catholic…

Mental and Emotional Health

adjustment disorder depression or anxiety developed in response to a stressful situation agoraphobia fear of open spaces Alzheimers a form of dementia anxiety nervousness arachnophobia fear of spiders claustrophobia fear of closed spaces dementia less of memory and a decrease in other thought processes depression mental illness characterized by sadness manic-depressive a mental illness characterized…

Einstein: Modern Science and Surprises (Part 1)

This is inertial motion. This is motion at a uniform speed in a straight line. This is accelerated motion. This is any motion other than inertial motion; i.e., motion involving changes in speed or direction. This is an inertial observer. This is an observer moving inertially. This is an inertial frame of reference. This is…

Manhattan Project Study Social Studies

How much did the Manhattan Project end up costing in 1945? Do you believe it was worth it? Explain. $2 Billion. — Write Your own opinion. How was Albert Einstein involved in the Manhattan Project? He wrote a letter to President Roosevelt, saying the US needed an atomic research program. What were Albert Einstein’s thoughts…

Physics – Chapters 15 & 16

Who created the “general theory of relativity”? Albert Einstein What does the “general theory of relativity” show? It shows how ______ is related to _____ and ______ gravity, space, time Einstein reasoned that space and time are two parts of one whole called… space-time What does Einstein’s “special theory of relativity” describe? It describes how…

APUSH Chapter 36

Harry S. Truman Leader of US as WW2 ended, authorized dropping of atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, earning Japan’s surrender. Thereafter, his presidency characterized by hostile attitude towards Soviets, later manifested as Cold War. Best seen in his Truman Doctrine, which established containment as US’ foreign policy George F. Kennan first came up with…

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