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  • EH 202

    The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Author: Mark Twain Characters: Smiley Angel's Mining Camp's tavern. Smiley makes a bet with an old horse and dog Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses Author: Mark Twain Summary: Written as entertainment but to inform readers that at the time there are better ways to… VIEW ESSAY

  • What is the Good Life Midterm

    David Wallace, "This is Water," The really important kind of freedom Fact: The really important kind of freedom involves attention, awareness, discipline, effort, and the ability to truly care about others. Fact: This kind of freedom is the alternative to having an unconscious "default-setting" attitude about life. Analysis: Attention, awareness,… VIEW ESSAY

  • Vocabulary Unit 10: Wishes and Dreams

    anticipate look forward to; expect aspire have an ambition for something; desire earnestly covet desire something that belongs to another enviable to be envied; worth having inclination preference; liking desire a wanting or longing; strong wish wistful longing; yearning ambition a strong desire for fame, honor or wealth yearn feel… VIEW ESSAY

  • Huck Finn Chapters 1-5 Summary, Discussion and Analysis

    Chapter 1 Summary and Analysis ... Chapter 1 New Characters Huckleberry Finn: the protagonist and narrator Widow Douglas: Huck's guardian Miss Watson: the widow's sister Tom Sawyer: Huck's best friend Chapter 1 Summary Huck Finn introduces himself as a character who has already appeared in Mark Twain's earlier novel, The… VIEW ESSAY

  • Huck Finn

    Mark Twain's real name? Samuel L Clemens (pen name) What does "mark the twain" mean? Boating term- measures the depth of water to see if boat can pass through What did Mark Twain do? Riverboat pilot, printer and gold miner What did Huck Finn lead to? Book had powerful social… VIEW ESSAY

  • Good Life Week 6

    Diotima a) Plato's "Ladder of Love" - The Ascent to Beauty Itself (Reading and Rothschild Video) b) 1. Female philosopher who instructed socrates and plato in what is love 2. People think that plato made her up female teacher Eros a) Plato's "Ladder of Love" - The Ascent to Beauty… VIEW ESSAY

  • The Odyssey crossword puzzle

    ithaca odysseus' home alcinous the Phaeacian king who hosts Odysseus poseidon the only god who did not pity Odysseus polyphemus the cyclops blinded by Odysseus hermes the messenger of the gods also known as "the giant killer" lotus the flowery fruit that can make men forget their homes laertes father… VIEW ESSAY

  • English 4 study guide

    Inference -Practice ... 1 what is an inference A conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning 2 when you draw inferences, you do what Text evidence, colorful paragraph 3 what are some helpful ways to create inferences about stories Examine facts from the text connect the facts to… VIEW ESSAY

  • AP English 1st Q

    argument means of discovering truth, negotiating differences, and solving problems. written argumentation way to work out ideas and positions on issue and to consider the situation you are in and address positions and eeds of others involved- you are enhancing others to udnerstand issues on both sides truth scholoars believe… VIEW ESSAY

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