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Loyalty Essay Examples

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Customer Loyalty in a Business To Business Context

Customer loyalty is considered to be a powerful tool for most organizations in ensuring that they gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries ( Lam, Shankar, Erramilli, & Bvsan, 2004, p. 294). Customer loyalty is necessary for ensuring that organizations remain profitable while also achieving growth through reaching out to new market grounds. The…

Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction

Customer Loyalty can be difficult to define given the different views that are presented within the literature. Zithaml, Berry and Parasuraman (1996) determine that loyalty includes a customer’s intention to stay with an organisation and that loyalty includes four elements: repurchase intentions, recommending the service provider to other customers, less complaints and tolerance of price…

Influences of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty in Restaurant Industry in Malaysia

Malaysia is a rapidly developing country in Asia and economic growth is projected to moderate to 5. 2% in 2011 (Suzy, 2011). According to the World Bank Group, Malaysia GDP per capita is 14,215 USD, which is adjusted by purchasing power parity. This shows that the purchasing power and standard of living of the Malaysians…



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Loyalty and deceit

Book Two of Don Quixoted used to be a separate volume but was later merged into one with the first. An author named Avellaneda wrote an unauthorized version of the book. An irate Cervantes used the pirated version in his sequel. The second book is more serious in the manner in which it tackles the…

Promoting Brand Loyalty at Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie and Fitch is an American retailer that focuses on casual wear for consumers aged 18 to 22. It has over 300 locations in the United States, and is expanding internationally. The company also operates three offshoot brands: Abercrombie, Hollister Co., and Gilly Hicks. The company operated a post-collegiate brand, Ruehl No.925, that closed in…

Employe Loyalty in Hotel

The essence of competition among hotels is the competition of human resource. If a group of skilled, sophisticated, and loyal employees can be retained by hotels, high quality of service, hotel brand and honor, and revenue can be guaranteed to a large extent. As a result, employee loyalty is one of the core competitiveness of…

A Thousand Acres: a Theme of Loyalty and Judgment

There are many mini-themes that go on through this movie. Some of the ones I picked up on are Roses’ cancer seems to be a continuing theme throughout the movie, as well as themes of loyalty and judgement. Rose’s mother died of cancer in the movie, and the neighbours have developed cancers as well. At…

Brand Loyalty from a Multi-Faceted Perspective

Brand loyalty is the ‘Holy Grail’ to all marketing organizations. Marketing practitioners are consumed by it. They search. They try. They dream. They want to achieve the ultimate in brand loyalty, making it so airtight that no competition can lure their consumers from their brands of products. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fit-all methodology. Competition is…

Building loyalty in video rental

The video rental market is essentially flat, with few seasonal peaks apart from the Easter holidays. Demand-drivers tend to cancel each other out – with good weather in the summer (bad for video) being compensated for by the presence of children on school holidays (good). It is also volatile – consumers are likely to dip…

Brand Loyalty – Thesis Proposal

The current financial crisis has spread around the world and no consumer has stayed untouched. In economic downturns, consumers are trying to better manage their expenses due to uncertainty for the future. In such cases, their brand loyalty might be shaken. Especially for UK consumers, whose purchasing power is lower than the other nations, the…

In the Face of Betrayal, Lewis Discovers Loyalty Cosi

The play ‘Cosi’, written by Louis Nowra, is set in 1971 amidst the chaos of the Vietnam War. Australia’s involvement in the war was a topic of great controversy, and being the first televised war, reality was brought crashing into the lounge rooms of Australians. The horrific images displayed in people’s homes sparked anger from…

Discuss the importance of LOYALTY in Millers

Loyalty is one of the big themes in this play and most people are loyal to each other in the neighborhood, because there are quite a few illegal immigrants living there and working at the piers, so everyone trusts everyone else. This shows loyalty between this neighborhood because no one would snitch on anybody else….

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