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Paul Baumer Essay Examples

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All Quiet on the Western Front Literary Devices essay

The earth, as in the soil beneath our feet, is taken for granted every single day, but never by a soldier on the front lines. Erich Maria Remarque explains this through his character Paul Bäumer in the excerpt of his novel All Quiet on the Western Front. Paul is explaining the effects that war on…

Traits of Paul Baumer that changed during the war

“I am young, I am twenty years old; yet I know no thing of life but despair, death, fear, and fatuous superficiality cast over an abyss of sorrow….” said by Paul Baumer during his time at war in All Quiet on the Western Front. This quote represents how the war changed Paul’s view and attitude…

All Quiet on the Western Front: Corruption of Power theme

Power. The word itself instigates a conundrum of fear and attraction. The attraction for it, the attraction for more, and the attraction for seeking the absolute highest boundary of it. Those who thirst for it see visions of wealth, vast expansions territory, and above all, the ability to do whatever one wants whenever he wants….



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Western Front

“No soldier outlives a thousand chances. But every soldier believes in Chance and trusts his luck” (Remarque 101) — this line alone expresses how difficult and trying was the nature of war for Erich Maria Remarque. However, an in-depth analysis of his work All Quiet on the Western Front would reveal that for Remarque, there…

Dehumanization in All Quiet on the Western Front

In All Quiet on the Western Front by Enrique Maria Remarque, the reader follows Paul Baumer as he fights through World War I and discovers the trials of being a soldier. As they survive through the war with each other, Paul and the other soldiers began to understand certain realities of life. Going into the…

All Quiet on the Western Front Essay

A soldier must have the mentality of, “I must kill or I’ll be killed” or they will surely perish. Taking this idea to heart can be a very moralistic test that most people can’t handle. All Quiet on the Western Front is one of the greatest war novels ever written because of its exposing graphic…

Compare the Wars and All Quiet on the Western Front

During World War I, many soldiers were impacted by the mental and physical effects that have changed their lives in positive, but mostly negative ways. There are two novels that talk about two men in World War I, however each tells a different story on their struggles on the battlefield. On one of the books,…

Erich Maria Remarque and the Nature of War

Unlike truly historical works emphasizing the human side of war, for example, Cornelius Ryan’s The Longest Day or A Bridge Too Far, in which the author provides highly detailed accounts of historical events through the eyes of participants leading to an objective treatment and analysis of those events, Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the…

All quite on Western front-Enrich Maria Remarque

Remarque, being a veteran German of the World War 1, could depict the physical and psychological duress, the government soldiers had to tolerate. He narrates the mental tug of war the soldiers had to bear on being detached from civic life comprising of family and friends. This mental war was allying with the field fight….

Inhumanity of War

In the novel All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, one follows the life of Paul Baumer, a private in the German military in World War 1. He and his friends try to survive as the people around them get slaughtered. Slowly one by one his friends die while the others fight…

All Quiet on the Western Front

In the novel ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ by Erich Maria Remarque, the main character Paul Bäumer’s development shows the horrors of the First World War and the effect it had on the young men who fought in it. Paul Bäumer is the main character whom is nineteen years old, Bäumer volunteered for the…

Erich Maria Remarque

“If you tell the truth, you won’t have to remember anything” (Mark Twain). Throughout my life I have come to recognize many truths. Sometimes I would tell the truth and sometimes I would lie, but when I lied I didn’t always get away with it. Although I do lie about some things and get away…

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque

1. Title: ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT 2. Author: ERICH MARIA REMARQUE 3. Published: 1929 4. SUBJECT: This book is written by a German veteran of World War I, who describes the German soldiers’ extreme physical and mental stress during the war, and the detachment from civilian life felt by many of these soldiers…

English Isu Comparison Essay

When writing literary works most, authors will agree that it is difficult to write a story without any inspiration. The writers will often have some motive, either from past experiences or something that can inspire an idea for a novel. Although the novel can be fictitious it can still change how society feels about a…

World War One

Many Europeans looked forward to the First World War because they were generally flush with nationalistic pride (as were the young protagonists in Remarque’s novel), which was heightened by imperialist competition, an accelerating arms race, and the forces of Social Darwinism, which stressed nations’ fitness to survive. European nationalism assumed an increasingly belligerent tone after…

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